Individual Consultations

  • Initial Consultation (60 mins):  $110

  • Extended Follow up (60mins): $120

  • Follow Up Consultation (30 mins):  $65

  • Individualised Weekly Menu Plan:  $200

Sports Consultations 

  • Initial Sports Consultation (75mins): $110

  • Premium Sports Consultation (90mins, includes skin folds): $250

  • Follow Up Consultation (60mins): $65

  • Individualised 7 Day Meal Plan (includes recipes & pre and post training meals): $250

  • Skinfolds: $50

Every person's body is different. As qualified dietitians, we can help you fuel yours with the healthy foods it needs depending on your goals and stage of life. We are particularly well versed and see many clients for:

  • Weight loss,

  • Diabetes (Type 1, 2 and gestational)

  • Insulin resistance,

  • PCOS

  • High cholesterol/blood pressure

  • Healthy eating before and during pregnancy

  • We can also help with gastrointestinal symptoms including IBS, IBD, FODMAPs, and Coeliac disease. If you experience any of these, then contact us so we can help.

The team is also particularly experienced with adolescents and adults with eating disorders & disordered eating patterns (including comfort eating, binge eating disorder, yo-yo dieting).   We incorporate mindful eating techniques throughout our practice to truly improve your relationship with food. Make an appointment with us so we can start your journey.

All dietitians have competed in numerous sports and continue to swim, run, surf, play soccer and practice yoga. As a result we enjoy working closely with athletes, of all levels in reaching their potential. We:

  • Formulate pre and post competition & training nutrition strategies

  • Write muscle gain and weight loss plans

  • Discuss the use of supplements

  • Help you master optimal hydration.